Cali McKinnon's

Fae Chronicles


Tall, Dark, & Handsome Faeries?

We normally think of faeries as tiny, delicate, ethereal creatures with wings--not tall, dark, handsome beings.   According to folklore, faeries, or Sidhe Fae as they prefer to be known, are capricious by nature.  Well, in some cases that is true--faeries are powerful, and they can be heartless toward humans.  Chronicle I is about just such evil faeries as they gamble with the lives of the hero of this first story which introduces a major character who appears throughout the chronicles.

In the remaining chronicles, the focus is more on humans interacting with benevolent faeries, though the evil faeries to show up on occassion.

For the most part, the faeries and human men of Cali's stories give a new meaning to the word powerful.  Yet their compassion for those they love is boundless--they are protective, considerate, and reliable (well, most of the time).

The women they love are intelligent, independent, and caring.  They are open-minded and appreciative of the unique attributes of their exceptional lovers.

Take a trip through time--today, yesterday, and tomorrow--with these amazing beings as they explore, and learn to deal with, human emotions, frailties, and strengths.  Share the sadness and joys as their human counterparts come to realize that being so powerful has its weaknesses, and living forever may not be as desirable as one might believe.



If you like to read about...

Self-assured, loving, alpha males and compassionate, strong women who readily adapt to the surprises and trials of life, you'll probably enjoy this series of books.

Of course you will need a bit of imagination, as much of the fun is derived from the mischief caused by one endearing creature who just can't resist meddling in the lives of those he loves.