Cali McKinnon's

Fae Chronicles


Fae Facts

They have existed since before the time of man.  In fact, they stopped recording their history so long ago that no one still in existence among them has any idea how long it has been.  But the past is not the only thing that makes the existence of these creatures fascinating, for the future is as much their playground and history as is their past.  Time holds no meaning for these unusual beings–-faeries, Sidhe fae, or sith, as some prefer to be known to the few humans who have ever been allowed to know them.

Over the millennia of mans’ existence, he has revered the creatures as gods--Greek, Roman, Norse, Aztec, Egyptian, or any number of other known deities, for the list is long.  There are also those who have chosen to live a short time among man, these few known as the wizards, prophets, and men of advanced vision or enlightenment including the likes of Merlin, Da Vinci, or even Buddha.  Then, there are the impish troublemakers, the faeries and spirits of the Irish and Scottish legends of old, the wee folk that legends tell us revel in their interference in the lives of humans.

If one is able to believe in their existence, one might ask, “But what of their true nature?”  The list of notables shows every possibility from pious devotees of the betterment of man to the mischievous, often lascivious, self-serving Roman gods of ancient mythology.  The list is more heavily weighted to the latter, but if there were one clear-cut pattern to be found, it would be that they are by nature a curious and meddlesome lot when it comes to their interaction with humans.  The havoc of their changes and rumors of their deeds are indelibly seared into the lore and history of mankind.  Mythology, religion, superstition--unbelievable, unverifiable, yet undeniably woven into the fabric of mankind’s existence.    

Perhaps the boredom of living for eons, moving through time as though one were choosing a movie to watch for an afternoon, and having the power to affect the lives of humans as one might move pieces on a chessboard has made them careless and less respectful of life than one might be were his own life short and precious.  Or, perhaps some have never attempted to experience human emotions, or haven’t that ability, so they live vicariously through the humans with whom they so readily toy in order to enjoy the display of human emotions such as love and compassion.  But then again, it might be that some just have no idea of the complexity of human nature and the true strength of will many humans have, since rarely do any but the weaker humans fall prey to their whims and fancies.

Regardless of the reason, some fae just can’t resist the sport found in a few quick years spent toying with the lives of humans . . .

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